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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What are Valance Curtains?

What are Valance Curtains?

A lot of people often think about where they will place certain items when they are choosing the appearance of a room. They will think of the place of the sofa, the television and so on. You may not consider one thing and it is valance curtains. To use valance curtains or curtains with valance can assist to alter the appearance of a room in a constructive way.

Simply speaking, a valance is something that is used to cover something else. Often with valance curtains this will be used to cover the rods on top. This helps to make them look more respectable. They also help to let more light into a room and are useful in adding to the interior decoration of a room.

There are a variety of different styles of valance curtains. There is what is known as swag. While a normal valance tends to be straight a swag forms a triangular shape. Both serve the same purpose. However their position can affect the look of a room so it is worth considering how the shape will change things and the perception of the room.

Another example is what is known as balloon valance. This is intended to provide a fuller looking appearance. They tend to be made of a lightweight material such as cotton.

Alternatively if you want something a bit more classic and traditional looking you may want to go with what is known as ascot valance curtains. These tend to be made of materials such as silk or velvet and will often have tassels or fringes.

When people think of curtains with valance there is the general impression that they are mainly for traditional or classic homes. There is the idea that it is an old fashioned concept about covering up things that people may perceive others to find unsightly. Still this is not essentially the problem. While it is useful for this fussy realistic reason you are not limited to one kind and you can simply use it as a way to decorate a room even if you are not concerned about who sees the curtain rails!

You can also get valance curtains that have more modern or minimalist styles. For example you can get them in simpler block colours or with more modern print designs. It is even possible to get ones that are suitable for family rooms and child bedrooms. Like any design feature the only limit is what a company has to offer and what you seek out when searching for a number of different options.

With the purpose of getting the most from your valance curtains it is best to carefully measure your window. It is usually advised to get one that fits the width of the window but is twice as long. This leaves room either side for the valance to cover curtain rods on either side.

You will find a wide number of companies that offer valance curtains. It is strongly advised to evaluate, chiefly via the use of customer reviews and feedback. Video demonstrations should also help to ensure that you get an idea of how to make sure that your curtains with valance fit your window.


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