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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Layered Curtains for Bedrooms

Layered bedroom curtains come in light colors and show different styles. These bedroom curtains use heavy fabrics and give you a nice feeling in your bedroom. Try to match the layered bedroom curtains with the rest furnishings of the bedroom. You can open or close bedroom curtain liners whenever you need them.

Color of Bedroom Curtains

You can match the color of the curtains with the color of the adjacent walls. Try to avoid the use of dark color on the adjacent light colored wall. You can also cut down the effect of dark window curtain with a lighter trim or alternating it with a sheer, light colored curtain. Whether you choose dark or soft hues of colors for the curtains but it has to produce the desired effect in your bedroom interior. 

Curtain Material and Curtain Patterns for Bedroom
While going to choose material for bedroom curtains, first you have to a take a look over your upholstery or furniture. If you have south facing bedroom, then it is best to choose such material and color that does not fade over time.
Traditionally cotton and silk are the most popular fabrics for bedroom curtains and are preferred by everyone. The other options for bedroom curtains are polyester and synthetic those have gained popularity in past few years. Self painted, weaved and colored patterns of bedroom curtains make the look of your bedroom pleasant.  Painted bedroom curtains give an artistic look to your bedroom interior design.  The bedroom curtains painted in blocks give a traditional touch.

Pros of Bedroom Curtains
  • Controls the amount of sunlight in bedroom
  • Provides privacy in bedroom.
  • Creates visual effects in bedroom.
  • Filters light into bedroom.


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