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Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Select the Height or Length of Curtains

How to Select the Height or Length of Curtains

How to Select the Height or Length of Curtains

You can only find a few plain rules to follow for selecting curtain height or length

The length or height of the hung curtain should be to the floor or the windowsill.
Anything in between looks rather odd.
There is a trend today of puddling curtains, this is where they are made longer than the height required and “puddle” on the floor, this requires a skill in fabric selection, so that they sit well. It is used commonly in living rooms and bedrooms.
With puddled curtains on a hand drawn track, make sure that the width of the curtain is not extreme as they become heavy and difficult to draw back. They are also prone to picking up all the fluff from your floor, so a little bit more attention is required to keeping them looking smart.
The top of the curtain (the heading), for all curtains can be at ceiling height, above or at the top of the window frame or flush with the window reveal.
It all depends on the space that you have. Do keep your choice constant in your home as it can look very odd if some curtain heads are fixed at different heights to others, especially when you can view through from room to room or worse, in the same room.

The finished length of ceiling to floor curtains should leave a 10mm gap, so that they don’t catch the floor and are easy to draw back, the gap for finishing at a windowsill only requires 5mm.
For safety reasons, never cover radiator heaters with curtains, look for another solution, either stop the curtains short of the heaters or use a blind as an alternative style of window treatment.

Consistantancy in design of the window treatments allows for a symmetrical form to be created here in this photograph. The head of the curtains are all the same height and the window swag and tail valance details are all the same and they are all held back at the bottom of the window sill which provides a regular frame for the windows and creates a flow and rhythm to the window treatments.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gorgeous Ideas for Bedroom Blinds and Curtains

As we all know blinds are a perfect window treatment for creating privacy in a bedroom, at the same time as still being able to allow some normal light into the room.

Now, let's see some examples here of how they are used on their own or combined with drapery.
Colored roller can blinds used in this bedroom, privacy is only required at night and the curtains are only decorative side curtains.

We use timber venetian blinds here to sort out light during the day and create privacy at night. There are decorative side curtains at the windows, so the timber venetian blinds are the only form of privacy at night.

Now with micro blinds which are used in this bedroom so the look stays light and airy. They are softened by the use of sheers on a casement heading threaded through a decorative rod and held back by a tieback. Once again the blinds are the only form of privacy at night.

A lot of various window treatments in this bedroom. From left to right, louver blind on a small window. Roman blind or shade between the beds and a pinoleum blind at the large window. This is used to filter light and privacy, as the main curtains can be drawn at night.

Attractive combination of blinds and curtains for these palladian windows in the bedroom. The top curve has been left exposed and the blinds attached at the top of the rectangle window. The decorative rod has been attached well above the windows, so that we get to see the detail of the lovely palladian windows.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Terms and Parts of a Curtain

Terms and Parts of a Curtain

Parts of a Curtain
Parts of a Curtain

Here are Terms of a Curtain:

Now let's get to know the terms and definitions of a curtain. It makes it easier to clarify what you want when you know the right expressions. Get easy with your curtain terms below.

What is "Face Fabric"?

It means the major fabric that faces the interior of the room. It is the “good” side of the fabric.

What is "Return"?

It is the part of the drapery that goes around the side of a cornice, valance, drape to sit flush and at right angles with the wall.

Head / Heading

It is the top of the curtain. It often gets called heading because of the heading tape that is used to make curtain decorative designs, ie French pleat, pencil pleat etc at the head of the curtain.


This is the area required and used by pleated curtains when they are open on either side of the window. You need to allow for this when you measure for your curtain track.

Padded Edge

This is a roll of padding along the leading edge of a curtain.

Track or Rod

The track or rod is fixed to the wall above the window and is used to hold up the curtain. 


Hooks are what connects the curtain to the tracks or rods.
Parts of a Curtain
Parts of a Curtain

Heading Tape

Curtain heading tape is how you can get interesting head designs like French pleats, pencil pleats, or the basic gathered pleats. You sew on the tape and pull through the strings to create the style or design. 

Leading Edge

This is the inner vertical edges of the curtain that meets its pair at the centre of the window, the edge that is not fixed to the end of the track when you draw back curtains and is often decorated with a contrasting lipping, braid, tasselled fringe.


The base of the curtain which has the fabric turned back up the curtain to make a neat finish to the bottom edge. It also adds natural weight which helps the curtain hang neatly. Weights can also be added into the hem to help achieve this.


Lining sits behind the curtain fabric at the window and is what helps with insulation, protects the curtain from moisture and dirt from the window, helps provide fullness in the curtain, blocks out more light and protects the fabric from UV.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Main Types of Blinds for your Home

The Main Types of Blinds for your Home

The Main Types of Blinds for your Home

Roller Blind

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Roller blinds have been popular since the 18th Century. A roller blind is basically a stiff fabric wound onto a (usually) wooden roller, which incorporates a spring mechanism so that the blind can be raised or lowered to any position then released to recoil to its top rolled up state. It has a firm lath at the bottom to keep it straight, and the base is often decorated with frills, braid, fringing and accessories.  They can be made of waterproof substances for bathrooms and kitchens and most are sponge cleanable, typically made of fabric or vinyl.
Roller blinds provide a very neat and tidy look and can be used on their own or have curtains over them.  They can be made to measure or you can purchase a do it yourself kit.  They are one of the most unobtrusive forms of window treatments as they take up a minimal space and cover only what is necessary when they are down.

Conventional-blinds roll from the back exposing the roller at the front, reverse-roll blinds roll from the front with the roller behind, and just to be different, bottom up blinds can be fixed to the windowsill and pulled upwards.

Roman Blind / Shade

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Are usually made of curtain fabric, but they can also be made from sheer fabric. They draw up from the bottom in a series of soft folds to look like a pelmet effect. This is done by cords threaded through rings at the back with dowels threaded through horizontally.

They are flat when they are down. They are usually lined as they sit better. They use less fabric than curtains, but are more detailed to make.
They can be installed inside the window frame or above the window frame to cover the joinery. They have a classic, elegant sophisticated look and suit living and dining rooms, and interiors that have simple lines and are not fussy.
Be careful when selecting large patterned fabrics, as when folded up they can give a distorted look.
A variation of this blind is the softfold or hobbled roman blind. This is when the blind stays in soft folds when it is fully extended.

Austrian Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds

Austrian Blinds are like Roman, as they move up and down with cords and rings, but they have a gathered heading and use a vertical shirring which transforms the folds into soft scallops.

Balloon and Cloud Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
It is raised and lowered by cords threaded through rings at the back. When raised these billow into scallops along the bottom edge of the blind, a balloon blind has inverted pleats at wide spacings from top to bottom and a cloud blind has a gathered heading.
Tailed blinds happen when the cords and rings are not installed to the side edges, therefore the bottom corners hang down below the scallops.

Wooden Slat Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Similar to Pinoleum but they are coarse and heavier.

Quill Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Similar to Pinoleum but made from white plastic quill.

Cane Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
These are made from whole or split bamboo, they are good for use in conservatories, and they can roll or pleat up. They do not completely block the sunlight or vision.

Festoon Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
These are similar to an Austrian Blind but they have additional ruching, which means it keeps its gathered effect even when it is down. They have a narrow heading tape at the top and vertically which creates the gathers.

Honeycomb Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
The side view looks like a stack of honeycombs. It is a cellular insulating blind and has numerous brand names.
It is a very efficient blind with great insulating properties and when pulled up, takes up only a small amount of room and is not intrusive on the window.

Venetian Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
They are horizontal blinds which have 2 inch wide slats held together with 1 inch wide cotton tape. They were the original horizontal blind and are heavy and difficult to clean. They are very useful for blocking out sunlight, for heat gain reduction or redirecting the light. They are not in common use today, but are having resurgence with the “Retro” look.

Vertical Louver Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Fixed at top with a track and sometimes bottom, they are made of thin strips of canvas, wooden slats and silk or synthetic fabric. They pivot open or closed and can be drawn across to the sides of the window. They are often used in floor to ceiling windows. They suit contemporary settings and large picture windows.

Paper Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
These are made from a tough stiff permanently pleated paper or fibre. They are available in a wide range of colours. They are an inexpensive practical and decorative product that is easy to dust. They can be combined with curtains.


Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
They are an inexpensive blind made from strong treated paper or fibre, which is accordion pleated with holes punched out all over it. They allow plenty of light to filter through and restrict glare.

Pleatex Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
They are made from tough super calendered wet strength craft paper with permanent pleats. They are cheaper than roller blinds.

Mini Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
They are an updated version of venetians; their vinyl slat width is smaller. They are available in almost any color vinyl as well as metallics and perforated metal, and color coordinated cord and rod operational gear. They can be pulled up to reveal almost all the window, so they are useful if you require an unobstructed view.  Mini Blinds were originally designed for commercial use, they have a slim architectural look and they suit contemporary interiors and are in frequent use. They are difficult to clean, and are noisy with an open window.  They are good insulators in winter and are very useful for covering large windows. They can be purchased in modular sizes and colors or custom made to suit. They can be used on doors and sloping windows.

Micro – Mini Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
They are also known as Slimline blinds, they are the same as mini blinds but have an even smaller width and are finer to look through, being ideal for maintaining a view. They are very delicate and easy to bend and twist which is a downfall.

Cottage Blind

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
A cottage blind is a half-length blind, which blocks a view or creates privacy, usually used in a bathroom. It can be mounted on curtain wire or a curtain rod as they cover the lower half of the window. They are often co-coordinated with a small valance at the top of the window.

Pinoleum Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
Pinoleum blinds are made form matchstick like slats of wood.
They can be stained or left natural. Pinoleum blinds are woven together with cotton. Pinoleum blinds have the same spring mechanism as roller blinds. You can see through them, and they allow a soft light to filter through. They are a very cheap way to cover large expanses of glass. They can be fixed to sloping ceilings.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Types of Blinds
Types of Blinds
These are thicker that standard venetian blinds, they are usually manufactured in cedar, and provide a wonderful mellow glow through the window. Timber venetian blinds are expensive but are well worth the money for the fantastic look. They are more effective as insulators than metal or vinyl blinds.
Timber venetian blinds are a sturdier blind than the venetians.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Decorate your Home with Curtains

How to Decorate your Home with Curtains
How to Decorate your Home with Curtains

How to Decorate your Home with Curtains

How to Decorate your Home with Curtains

Are you really in need to make your home look bright with a whole new look? One of the most inexpensive and quickest ways to do so is how to decorate your home with curtains. Curtains make a huge difference.

How to Choose Curtain Colors
Warm shades of reds, yellows, and pinks add life to a quiet room.
Cool colors such as grey, white, and blue give the room a soft look.
Green and browns add a pleasing earth tone.
The key is to pick the colors that make you feel good and also maybe try complementing the other colors already in the room.

The Length of Curtains
Longer curtains will visually lengthen a window and add perceived height.
Curtains that drape to the floor give the room a more formal touch.
Shorter curtains to the sill give the room a casual feel. Generally found in a kitchen. How to Decorate your Home with Curtains

Controlling Light
To soften and filter the incoming light, choose laces or sheers, which produce a wonderful effect, and work well if you are layering fabrics.
To block out light, try a lined or insulated curtain or a fabric shade.
Fabric and insulated curtains offer privacy when you want it, and allow you to let in lots of light when you choose so.

Curtain Rods and Hardware
Curtain rods come in various shapes, styles, and materials. Finials help create a silhouette.

Ruffled or tailed curtains work well with continental or mesa rods.
Tab curtains on wooden or wrought-iron rods may suit your taste.
There’s a look available for everyone. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

You should have fun while decorating your home! Pleasure and happiness come with making your own individual design statement for your home.

Friday, June 27, 2014

When is it a good time to get a mortgage?

When is it a good time to get a mortgage?

Advances value of the house, as all that is possible, should not be left simply no explanation as to why. Obviously, there are fees and your value can not be advanced night. There are conditions, however, which will make a greater extent than other exceptional moment. Here are some things to look for when it might be the perfect time for you to get an advance value of the house.

When there is a real need

Each of us, around the time or another, has a real need for the money - clusters of him. This could be the consequence of a crisis, visits the doctor fee, tuition fees, repair bills sudden, union obligation, and this is only the beginning. Need here often can not be provided, but you still need money.

For Projects

When you have a home business that requires a lot of money. This is probably one of the best companies you can do with the value of your home. Home remodels or increases can add real esteem for your house - settling on a savvy decision. It also increases the value much more - but you might as well realize that not every company has the quality. It is important to check with a real estate agent or foreman to discover where it will expand the quality in your general vicinity.

It could even be an exceptional approach to get cash for your home plan available to buy - especially if you know there will be extended overhead. Getting a credit for the value of the house for the amount you need, with the smallest imaginable payments, you can save money and pay more when the house is sold.

Different needs - or wants

Obviously, not everything could be recorded here, but you might also have different needs. You might need to buy another car. Different things, for example some of the needs that you might have been able to integrate a long trip, a pontoon, a unique output, snowmobile or jetskiis. You can even use the money as a down payment before buying a house, as well. Really, the sky is the farthest point - hinge on that amount of money is available. You can even use it for many purchases.

When conditions are met

The situation of the corporate sector is not reliable so that excellent conditions on loans are accessible. Investment rates change every day, and new types of progress value of the house could offer better deals. In case you look at the company some, then you can check if it is an exceptional opportunity to request your credit for the value of the house. Assuming you're not sure what exactly amount of money you need (or need), you might need to think about getting a line of home value credit ( Heloc ) . What makes a file for you with a credit limit and make you money that you need. Since you only pay embark on what you really use, it might work particularly well for your needs.

Something else to think about when a credit for the value of the house is your own assessment Fico. Since this structure is the premise of your words, for example, the investment rate, extent, and time spent to repay, it is essential that you check it is in the best conceivable condition first. You can use to improve your own review Fico checking your credit report is impeccable, the repayment of your outstanding obligation, and perhaps more devastating Visas to reduce the extent of credit you have.

Make sure you search around a fantastic deal first. There is a ton of distinction between what is proposed and the organization follows. Find the best deal on your advance home value, or Heloc, and put it all on the line. Before long, the money you need, or need will be in your financial balance.

Self-Employed and Home Equity Loans

Self-Employed and Home Equity Loans

Those of you who are around the ranks of the employee may independently have recently discovered that it is more difficult to obtain credit - without taking into account an advance value of the house. The good news, however, is that it is conceivable. Here are some facts and tips on how you can get a credit for the value of the house where you work independently.

The reality of the situation is, to begin with, you will find more troublesome to obtain credit on the grounds that you are employed independently. The main thing that the loan specialist will need to see is the verification of a remunerative salary. Some specialists ready, it will be harder than others when trying to demonstrate. You may be asked by a donor to provide explanations to two years, and one can apply for three years worth of confirmation. This means that you can probably rule out an advance no doc and.

Something else you look - on your own funds - is the amount of the obligation that you recently. All banks take a look at the requirement level in recognition giving an advance of wages home value, and usually require more than 36 %, which includes all contracts and loans. It seems, however, that can be an exceptional thought of staying as far away from that number as one might reasonably expect when working independently.

You also need to examine your credit report before applying, to check that no proclamations base out of it. Addressing these is not too bad, once the problem has been determined, but will stand in the order of two months before the adjustments really appear on your Fico score. In case you do not have exactly two exceptional years, the robust earnings, you will probably need to pay a higher rate of investment. An exceptional evaluation Fico, however, it will remain reasonable.Self-Employed and Home Equity Loans

At this time, self-employment is coming to be more famous. Many lenders have not yet approaches to accommodate the needs of the above you are in this class. New items are constantly being improved, but to meet the escalating amounts of the above leaving the work environment of the company. It might take some time, then again, before there was a rare true rivalry and decrease strict requirements.

Advances home value could be obtained either as contract mobile rate, or as a modified rate contract. You find that one is more valuable to your situation, and to consider the possibility of setting up investment rates now.

Something you particularly think of is that the advance of the value of the home adds another regular payment of your bills. It is further secured by the house, which would not joke about what makes your home safe provided that you might as well default in advance for any explanation of why. Remember, as well, leaving 20% of the value of the value of your home intact to not need to pay private protection contract.Self-Employed and Home Equity Loans

You might find that one or two specialists loan will undoubtedly give you a higher rate of investment. Looking around, anyway, and get numerous quotes, you can find a bank that will give you the value of the home before you need - at reasonable rates . Watch them deliberately, noting such things as the rate of investment, expenses and repayment terms. To even look for a credit for the value of the house that has a prepayment penalty, you do not need.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Approaches to use your Home Equity Loan for Debt Consolidation

At present, the rate of credit to refinance a contract or taking a home value before executing the territory of 6.5 percent to 7.8 percent. Although these rates are higher than just a year or two before, they are still significantly lower than the investment on credit cards and other vehicles duty rate shopper. Estimates of property in most beaches have climbed significantly over the past few years, giving many holders of outstanding value mortgages; they can now use adequately to take a combination of the credit obligation that save their money each month.

Solidification advance of the obligation that is attracted to the new value of the house is recognized by many masters budget wise and smart prices related to proceed before the holders of mortgages. It allows its holder to exchange their mortgage obligations high interest visas, car advances , credits and other buyers at a much higher level of investment rates since the new credit send a premium rate much easy.

Mortgage borrowers can enjoy the value of their home by using one of three main vehicles for credit merge value of the secured obligation. The value can be used to obtain a line of credit value, they may decide to take an advance value of the home, or they can essentially refinance their existing contract. Each method to get the value of the benefits and contemplations of which to be aware.

Some mortgage holders believe that the least difficult to carry out such an advance approach is essentially a contract to complete refinancing. In this situation, they could acquire enough cover the pay-off of their existing contract, in addition to most of their other obligations of the buyer.

The point of this approach is that it makes the game extremely basic fund supervision, that all payments of obligation can be reduced to one month's installment contract month. Again, if the investment rate on contracts homes have increased and are higher than the first contract, then it would not be the best method.

Assuming that the current rate of advance of contract is very engaging and taking a value of a home or a second contract, might be a good approach to managing credit obligation sponsor who is coveted. Yields the second credit value of the house contract could be used to repay other obligations of the client and the various payments obligation could be transformed into a slice.

The third choice is to look for a line of home value credit (Heloc) that provides adaptation and accommodation drawing on the home's value capacity. When a Heloc is created, the mortgage holder can use the financial resources available at any time to pay different obligations, to save trips, tuition, or anything that might be available, they choose until the most remote corners of the credit that is available depends on the extent of the value of the house built .

These credits into the comfort of a rotation recognize represent low investment advances home value rate and could be an exceptional approach to administering obligations and also be prepared for the costs of the crisis that each holder of the property experiences every once in a while. Most banks offer property owners payment cards and checks comfort to enter their line of credit for the value of the house.

Another explanation of why money related specialists indicate suggesting to an advance of the merger obligation that is secured by the value of your home is that the premium on the value of credits is an expense deductible, while the premium on the different kinds of obligations of the buyer is definitely not. Deductibility will depend on how you manage your recording functions, so you might as well have a competent lawyer on this process.

How to Get the Best of Home Equity Loans

A credit value of the house gives you the power budget to make a mess of things you can not do it together. By leveraging the value of your home, you may have many of the admission of a huge number of dollars - based on the extent to which you have, it exist. Anyway, the right organization, there is little use of the value of the home that can bring much higher benefits long haul than others. Here's the thing you need to think near a lead value of the house.

As stretched as you mentioned in your home - the more value you have advanced in it. Provided you are lucky enough to live in an area that is growing rapidly in quality - some beaches may be, your home could provide you with great value. Some kinds of progress value of the house will quickly give you enter it. Distinctive kinds of progress that can help you the most are those that best fit with your own arrangements.

You may be able, for example, to refinance your first contract and improve business - and get access to your value as well. Basically, this could be contract money. You refinance most of your contract for an easier investment ratio that you still need, and after that add to that the extent to which you have to leave your value. In the meantime, if you take in the ballpark of 5 years off the length of the first words, you can save countless dollars.

An alternative route is to get a second contract. This usually indicates that what is called a regular advance value of the house, or you can get a line of credit for the value of the house is coming. Both will give your input gain value, but will also require an additional payment each month. Advance value of the house is a total credit right protuberance, while a line of credit for the value of the house gives you a little more adaptability by allowing you to just withdraw the measure of money you need a recording with a limit of pre-approved credit. You also pay just commit to the extent that you remove.

Any of these choices will give you win your input value, and you are allowed to use the money as you want in one of them. You can take this fabulous hiking you long been eager to deal with Hawaii or the Bahamas; you can pay for a training school with him, the cost of doctor visits, and even merge some of your other obligations. These decisions, once again, perhaps not the best option.

Your best choice is to take in any case a percentage of the money and reinvest in your home by making remodels, changes or increases to your home. The revisions that add more to a home modernized kitchen with high-tech devices and event sink or an extra bedroom. Each of these, over many different things, can significantly increase the quality of your home - and give you much more value.

In addition, the benefit of adding quality and value of your home, changes of address are also impose franchise, which gives you a lot more investment funds. When you make revisions or increments, however, be sure to check with your real estate agent in the area, or foreman, running through the style or materials development will value most. Not what you're going to build its value, it pays to understand in advance.

When you go looking for an advance on the value of the home, make sure you obtain separate quotes. This will allow you to stand in the comparison of features and get an exceptional idea of ​​what is available. Stay away from any credit that has a punishment for the refund quickly.