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Monday, May 21, 2012

What are Swag Valance Curtains?

What are Swag Valance Curtains?

As all of us know a valance is something that is located over furniture and other items to hide supports, clutter and so on. You can find a number of various types obtainable for instance balloon valance curtains and swag valance curtains. In our article today, we will focus on swag valance curtains and what we should do before buying them.

A regular valance is a piece of cloth that is positioned in a straight line. In the case of balloon valance curtains this is done with the intention of creating a fuller looking appearance. With swag valance curtains the swag refers to fabric that is draped over in a triangular style. This creates a different look than the kind of effect you would get with the normal, straight style of valance.

Many people are often fond of this fussy style as it helps to let in more light. It is often a good alternative for people who live in smaller homes and may not be able to have heavier drapes in their home. They can be placed either at the top or bottom of the curtains depending on what you feel is appropriate.

In order to make sure you order the correct swag valance curtains it is best to carefully measure the windows or the area that the windows will be in if a house is currently being built. You need to measure the width and twice the length of the window. This is because you need the material to be able to hang down the sides.

People generally associate swag valance curtains with a traditional look. Some websites may refer to this as a classic look. While this kind of design is very popular it is worth noting that this is not the only kind that is available to you. What you choose largely depends on what you think will provide the best effect in the room.

For instance you may desire to select prints of a distinct pattern. This can help the curtains to stand out more. Alternatively you may want a solid colour that matches the curtains or one that is different but compliments the shade of the curtains. Another factor that people often have to consider is what will be best suited to the furniture in the room as well.

The fabric you use can also make a difference when choosing swag valance curtains. Cotton is often a popular choice. This is mainly because it is a good quality material that is relatively cheap and relatively low maintenance. There are varieties for every room in the house, whether it is for the bathroom, kitchen or even for the kids in their bedroom.

There are various companies that offer swag valance curtains for sale. It is worth looking online for company directories so you can compare what is available and find the most suitable one for your interior needs. Customer reviews and feedback can help, as well as video demonstrations showing you where you may want to place them around your home to get the best possible effect in your room.

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