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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Best Solution to Your Bay Window Treatment Problems

The Best Solution to Your Bay Window Treatment Problems

It's very easy to have. Yes, it will cost a lot more than ready made curtains. Yet, they will fit the window perfectly.

You also get to decide accurately the window treatment styles you want and get precisely the long curtains fabric you desire.

In addition, you get to select whether to have them made as lined drapes or not (I strongly recommend you do) and what kind of curtain linings. Such as thermal lined drapes, black out drapes or interlined curtains are.

An additional big plus about custom made window treatments is the quality of the drapery fabrics and the quality of making drapes in a workroom rather than a large factory. Ready made drapes are made by the thousands to keep the prices low. However the quality is nowhere as good. The sizes are also only approximate and not exact as with custom made window treatments.

You have to look at these bay window treatments as an investment in your home. You will be keeping them for many years; I have customers who have had their custom curtains hanging on their windows for 30 years in some cases.

They will still be looking good but will have more than paid for themselves. So when you divide the cost by the number of years you will have your curtains hanging. Then the yearly cost is minimal, it's like buying a new piece of quality furniture such as a dining room set.

How to Measure For Drapes to Fit your Bay Window Treatment correctly?

I sincerely advise you to fit your window curtain hardware first.

Then measure for your new curtains using the new curtain rods as your guide.
The bay window curtain rod and other window treatment hardware you use will determine the sizes of your new custom curtains. So install your curtain rod first, and then measure second. 


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