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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Contemporary Comfortable, Smart Platform Beds Designs

Certainly you may find numerous designs of bed available these days. There are many different bed types such as sleigh beds, canopy or four-poster beds, and panel beds. The right choice for you depends on your budget, space available, your d├ęcor style, storage needs and usage.
The platform bed is considered one of the most fashionable types of beds. Elegant and space-saving, platform beds are a perfect choice for any home.
What precisely are platform beds? Well, these are beds that have a raised solid surface on which the mattress rests. As a result, these beds don’t need box spring mattress. They usually are lower than other bed types, and so much nearer to ground.
I think that the biggest benefits of platform beds is that they provide a harder and firmer sleeping surface and they are space saving. The firm surface is especially a boon to people who suffer from back problems. And because of these reasons platform beds are today more preferred over others.
You can find platform beds in a diversity of material – wood, metal, even leather. Decide on the material depending on the existing color and materials so that the bed is in harmony with the rest of the room, indeed the house itself.
I will leave you know with some fantastic designs of platform beds:

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