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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Different Window Curtains

 Your windows could be cut above the rest with the right kind of clothing. Whether it's lighter or you want more privacy, you must choose the right type of window treatment. If you have a window, you must dress. There are many aspects to be considered though. Can you dress your curtains, blinds, awnings, or even curtains sheers? Can you decorate your windows with rich embroidered and furnishings, or make your room warm with velvet and wool, or you could give an airy touch to the room with lace and cotton.

However, you must choose window treatments that complement the style in your home decor. Set the mood in your room with the right kind of window treatment. Go take a look either formal or informal one. For a luxurious look, go for a formal treatment with floor-length curtains. Layer under them pure. Finish it off with top treatment. This type of clothing window looks great in rooms with high ceilings and long windows. You could also settle the curtain panel even with the curtains wearing, and gives it a flirty touch with ruffles.

Curtains, umbrellas cornices that make a big difference too. Used alone or in conjunction with the blinds and shades to make your windows more attractive. Add some visual interest and your windows and see what makes a big difference. Curtain fabric that hangs at the top of the window, and usually cover one-third of glass windows. Often used to hide the monitor, it can be dropped, pleated or gathered. The blinds can be used with or without a curtain under

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