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Monday, May 14, 2012

Fantastic Curtain Styles and Curtain Headers

Fantastic Curtain Styles and Curtain Headers

All of us know that your curtains can make a room look well-ventilated and pleasant, or dim. I think that curtains in a house will tell you about the people who live in it. That's the reason that women spend so much time to choose the right curtains that will go well with their homes. Now basically hanging curtains from a pelmet is no longer in style. These days various styles and headers for curtains are available to choose from. For sitting rooms and living rooms that have a view people, select net or lace curtains. Some people have separate sets of curtains for summer and winter.
You can find a lot of different styles of curtains and headers, the most common of which is the standard one. In this, an inch-wide tape is used that is gathered up into a narrow even header. This style is commonly used on dormer and cottage windows. It is also used for lightweight curtains where a reinforced curtain rod is not required.

The second style in curtain headings is the pencil pleat. This style is used where there is no pelmet or valance. This style gives a pleasant look to the curtain header and is employed in modern styles. Just remember when buying curtain cloth for this style, you will need two and a half times more fabric than the width of the window.
The 'French pleat' is considered the third style in curtain headings. This style is used on heavy window curtains, like velvet. An extra stiffener is also used, the pleats fan across the window, and there is a button sewn at the bottom of each pleat. Again two and a half times more than the window width in fabric will be needed for curtains with such a pleat style.

The fourth style 'cartridge' or 'goblet style' is used in a very formal setting of the curtains. Tissue papers or polyester is stuffed on top of each pole for the curtain to retain its shape.
The fifth style 'slot pleat' is easy to make. Slots are cut in the header tape through which the curtain pole is fed. This look can be improved by allowing a quantity curtain to stand above the pole. Again the width of the curtain cloth should be twice or thrice that of the window's width. You will need to decide the spacing of the slots.
Another design in curtain heading is the 'puff ball design'. In this you make the curtain like the slot pleat curtain, only you keep at least twelve inches above the slots. Once the curtain is hung on the pole, the top is puffed up.

Here in our article we mentioned the most common designs and headers used in curtains. However, you should know that there are always new designs that are being added. The curtain design and header depends on the window types and the curtain pelmets. The curtain design and heading must match the décor of the room. Also the curtain material must have a nice fall. Before buying curtain material you must decide on the style you want, as the amount of curtain cloth that you want to purchase will rely upon the style of your curtain. What you don't desire is to run out of cloth, or discover the cloth to be in excess.

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