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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Best Way to Make Bay Window Treatment Cornice

The Best Way to Make Bay Window Treatment Cornice

The bay window treatment cornice is considered one of the personal favourites to make and fit. They can outfit most rooms as well. Just cover with a modern fabric for a contemporary look. Or cover with a traditional fabric for a more homely look.

Why Bay Window Curtain Poles aren't Recommend!

The curtain above in the photo has been hung from a custom bent bay window curtain pole. The only trouble is for working curtains I am yet to find one that works professionally. They have special curtain rings called "passing rings". These rings have gaps in the back to allow them to pass over the curtain pole brackets.

It doesn't only matter how much money you spend on these bay poles, but the curtains also resist opening and closing. The rings still get stuck trying to pass the brackets. So most people I have fitted these for have been disappointed with the way they perform. The so called "better ones" still don't work well and cost a small wealth.


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